With some normalcy returned to life around the world, Fashion Week for Spring and Summer 2022 has kicked off.

COVID-19 impacted many aspects of peoples’ lives the past two years. Now it has even inspired new fashion trends. 

Last year’s Shanghai Fashion Week looked a little different with 150 catwalk shows live-streamed. But it sprung back to the physical world this past October. 

The experience of lockdown, quarantine and isolation can be seen in designers’ creative work. Simple street styles have become effortlessly chic as clothes focus more on a comfortable leaning aesthetic rather than one that is timely and bold. 

Shanghai’s streets were filled with models and attendees wearing “relaxed minimalist silhouettes.” The clothes are as relaxed and soft as the colors. 

Shanghai Fashion Week’s trend has also been seen in other fashion weeks around the world.

For example, New York fashion designer Peter Do expressed his vision of a “post-Covid world” displaying calm tones in pieces that are flexible for any event.

                     A Fashion Week attendee wearing a beige comfortable outfit



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Caroline Liekweg
Caroline is a writing intern from the University of Southern California, majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Chinese for the Professions. She hopes to use her writing to address and understand cultural connections between China and Western countries.