Be it Japanese (see: Ariana’s 7-rings-comma-BBQ-grill fail), Arabic (see: Lil Wayne’s embarrassing “Mama’s Boy” forehead fiasco), or Chinese (see: below) — there’s nothing an A (or B, C, D…Z) Lister loves more than botching a different language in permanent ink on their flesh.

Perhaps, like the appropriation of yoga and astrology and incense by White Angelenos, they think it gives them some Eat, Pray, Love exoticism; perhaps they think it makes them look worldly, well-travelled, and well-read; perhaps they think it just looks pretty. Regardless, as any native in any of said botched languages will attest, such tattoos can really only be measured on a scale of (1) marginally  embarrassing to (5) *major side-eye* to (10) *fully-body flinch, second-hand cringe*.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words: and really, these celebrities ought to have listened. 



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Chloe Luo