Female Chinese comics are launching to fame with appearances on “Rock & Roast” (脱口秀大会 tuō kǒu xiù dà huì). The stand-up comedy internet show recently aired its third season. 

The show’s hashtag on Weibo has been viewed over 4 billion times.  

While women are still considered the minority in the stand-up industry, “Rock & Roast” has featured more female faces than any other comedy show. Many of these women steal the spotlight with their refreshing takes on gender issues. 

One of the finalists of “Rock & Roast” this year, Yang Li, used sarcastic remarks to tear down the cocky nature of men. Yang received the highest audience-rating and the coveted title of “Punchline Queen.



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Emma Federer

Emma Federer is a wacky screenwriter that uses her voice to celebrate of all things Asian: from C-pop to female stand-ups to the heart-warming experiences of queer Asian Americans.