Are you tired of watching Chinese dramas that follow the same trope? Same here! 

The shy, clumsy female lead seems to always fall for the successful and attractive male co-star. 

As a Chinese learner, I started watching C-dramas because it is an easy way for me to practice my listening and understanding outside of the classroom. But I quickly realized how often the female characters fell flat and lacked nuance. 

I don’t watch Chinese dramas to get my dose of feminist theory or inspiration. But I think it’s fair to say that most C-drama female leads fall below expectations. 

From “Meteor Garden” to “A Love So Beautiful,” it often goes like this: 

The main female character is a “傻白甜” (shǎ bái tián) — shy, naive and a bit clumsy. 

The male love interest is the most attractive, intelligent and wealthy person around the female lead. By falling in love with her, he seemingly rescues her from her own misery. 

But below, I have provided a list of the top five Chinese dramas that are continuing to expand the Chinese drama feminist genre. They are sure to leave you feeling inspired. 



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Lily McAndrews
Lily McAndrews is a sophomore at the University of Oregon studying sociology and international relations. She is excited to help bridge the gap of education, culture, and diplomacy through writing!