Fashion trends are circular: what was popular in the 1920s are now coming back as “vintage” fashion. But Chinese youth are taking this a step further, bringing back the traditional Chinese Hanfu that has existed for thousands of years.

The Hanfu comes from the Han ethnic group, which consists of over 1.2 billion people–over 90% of China’s population. However, their traditions have mostly gone out of style in the last 400 years. The Hanfu movement is trying to change that. 

This movement is most popular among college students; the large majority of participants are under 30. Some people only wear the Hanfu for special events, but others wear it everyday: to work, to school, or even merely to go grocery shopping. 



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Erin Dumke

Erin Dumke is the head editor at Chinosity. She is a journalist who recently graduated from the University of Kentucky. She hopes to bridge the education gap and promote international communication.