Tik Tok, a viral music app, has become a global sensation. The popular app has topped the Apple Store download list with 500 million+ downloads- more than Instagram and Snapchat. 

What's interesting about a popular app? Tik Tok is actually the international version of a Chinese app called Dou Yin (抖音), which is owned by ByteDance. In 2017, Tik Tok began to spread throughout the US and the rest is history.

This app is incredibly addicting, from creating videos to scrolling through endless clips. Not only do teens use Dou Yin, but many Chinese celebrities have also collected millions of fans via the app. This includes Dou Yin celeb favs- Chen He with 50.7 million fans and Dilraba with 46.7 million fans. 

Compared to other viral challenge platforms, Tik Tok gives you many more options. On Snapchat, you can only send and post pictures or videos. On Tik Tok, you can leave comments, reactions, likes, and even do duets. These videos can include music, filters, and multiple sound effects. 

Challenges include dancing, comedy, makeup videos, lip syncing, and more. 

Here are some of the most popular Dou Yin challenges!  



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