A herd of wandering elephants in Yunnan province has captured the world’s attention. Although humorous and adorable, their odd migratory patterns caused a lot of problems. 

Yunnan’s forest fire brigade had to track these elephants 24-hours a day via both ground and air. Hundreds of personnel and vehicles took part in steering the elephants away from humans. 

The two tonnes of food used to lure these elephants was apparently not enough. They also pilfered through over a million dollars worth of crops! The elephants’ trek cost a lot of time and resources.

Why are these elephants behaving so oddly? There is an obvious answer: deforestation.

A map of Yunnan. Elephants are found predominantly in Xishuangbanna
Source: China Highlights



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Vivien Cheng

Vivien Cheng is a student pursuing a B.A. in Mandarin and a minor in international relations. She hopes to aid in policy-making.