We want to celebrate and recognize the AAPI community in all its brilliance and beauty. And there is truly so much to celebrate. 

From the vibrant cultures, to the numerous accomplishments made in this country, AAPI are inseparable from American history. Yet with the outbreak of COVID-19, continuous violence has arisen towards the Asian and Asian American community. 

Faced with all the overwhelming grief, anger, and injustices, it is easy to forget the beauty of this country. But May is AAPI heritage month. 

We fight with words, we fight with actions, and in this case, we fight with art.

On April 14, numerous artists came together and launched the @forfreedoms #AAPISolidarity billboard campaign to stand with Asians, Blacks, Indigenous, and all other communities of color. 

Several of them are listed below. These billboards have gone up across the country and hopefully, with the voices of artists, they will change minds. 



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Emilie Zhang