Gua sha is a traditional approach to beauty that has picked up steam among beauty gurus. Intrigued by the technique and tool, gua sha is becoming the new “it” item in facial routines.

Gua sha has been around longer than any of these gurus, many who mispronounce its name (guā shā). Nowadays, gua shas are painted as a miracle approach to contour the face. Isn’t it time to give credit where credit is due?

For hundreds of years, gua sha has been part of traditional Chinese medicine.  

At first, the practice helped treat heatstrokes and colds. Through the Eastern belief of yin and yang, the gua sha aims to restore the imbalance of energy in excess cold or toxic heat. 

Translated, “guā” means to press or stroke and “shā” refers to a rash or redness. The Gua sha method promotes lymphatic drainage by applying pressure. 

This approach helps remove bloating that is often caused by interstitial fluid, the fluid within your skin that causes puffiness in your face. 


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Abigail Heng