Growing up it was rare to see Asian women like me in mainstream media. And even in the age of multiculturalism, Asian people remain underrepresented in television, film, and music. But YouTube is changing the game. 

For me, Jenn Im- a Korean-American YouTuber and beauty guru- was the beginning of something special. Seeing Jenn rock the YouTube world inspired and empowered me. Later, I began watching Chinese and Chinese American beauty and fashion YouTubers. They not only give trendy style tips, but they also speak out about their cultural identity. 

These Youtubers have strengthened my own identity. They represent Asian people in an oftentimes "one standard" beauty and fashion community. 

Here are some of my personal fav Chinese and Chinese American YouTubers. If you're Asian like me, they will get a chance to see yourself. If not, discover some style/beauty tips and learn more about Chinese culture!



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