To celebrate Earth Day on April 22, consider shopping at any one of these Asian clothing brands. They strive to be environmentally friendly

By shopping at small, sustainable stores, we can fight the fast fashion that heavily pollutes our planet.

  1. 1 Esse

    Esse’s vision is to create fashion that is traceable, circular and more inclusive. Starting in her home country of Singapore, Alicia Tsi has expanded her label to over 400 stores across Asia

    You can read about Esse’s detailed environmental and social responsibilities on its website. They have a seasonless fashion model that prevents wasteful excess inventory. 

    Esse uses plant-based fabrics, making the clothes compostable. They design the garments with longevity in mind. 

    Esse is transparent about how its factories are run. They make intentional decisions to keep each stage of the production process as sustainable as possible. 

    If you have a minimalist style that revolves around neutral colors, this is the store for you. 

  2. 2 Most Prominent Co.

    Calling all streetwear fanatics

    This LA-based company has roots in Peru and Japan. It works with nonprofits for positive systemic change. 

    The core of Most Prominent Co. is to make a positive impact with the support of their favorite organizations. 

    These clothes attempt to serve as a platform for others. Their androgenous ethically-made streetwear aims for radical transparency. 

    The company tells their buyers about every material: where it's been and under what conditions. 

    With fair labor practices and sustainable models, Most Prominent Co. tells meaningful stories through their collections. 

  3. 3 Icicle

    Have you ever wanted to live on the set of a K-drama? Icicle will give you the closet of your dreams. 

    Inspired by ancient Chinese practices, Icicle views nature with a symbiotic relationship with people. The brand simultaneously honors the fashion of China’s past while looking towards the future. 

    With organic silks and cottons, this luxury brand ensures it is maintaining a healthy relationship with the Earth as it innovates.

  4. 4 Studio Membrane

    If you are looking for high fashion, couture and more avant-garde garments, look no further than Studio Membrane. 

    Designer Hiroaki Tanake uses a Japanese technique called kumiko to braid biodegradable fabrics together instead of sewing them. They are walking pieces of art that serve as warm, unique and sustainable additions to any closet. 

    The brand is called Studio Membrane because they are molded after membrane tissues. They aim to connect the body to the environment with their new philosophical approach to fashion. 

  5. 5 Doodlage

    Doodlage, an India-based company, aims to have zero material waste from their products. 

    They use any leftover fabric scraps to make their accessories, bags, and garment tags. They even use their waste to safely mail their packages. 

    Doodlage’s commitment to sustainability gives their clothes a consciousness. With their plastic free policy, you can use their packaging to fertilize houseplants! 

  6. 6 A.C.F. Clothing

    This brand, according to the values on their website, is the “only sustainable, gender-neutral, and vegan fashion label offering a refined minimalist aesthetic.” 

    A.C.F. takes deadstock (fabrics destined for the landfill) and upcycles it into androgynous streetwear with a millenial aesthetic. This follows the vision of their founder Alexandra Foster. 

    All of their eco fabrics are 100% vegan to ensure no harmful impacts on wildlife. They focus on natural materials such as bamboo and organic cotton. 

    They are also very conscious of their plastic intake and package their clothing in a 100% compostable container. 

    A.C.F. has a mixed style of high-end luxury garments and androgynous streetwear. 

    Fun fact: Dressmaking runs in Alexandra Foster’s family. Her great aunt was King Farok of Eygpt’s dressmaker in the 1940s!

  7. 7 Anita Dogre

    Each piece by this Indian fashion label is hand block printed, hand embroidered and hand woven to make each garment unique. The core of Anita Dogre is Indian opulence and intricate details. 

    They keep traditional Indian crafts alive and reduce environmental impacts with their mindful craftsmanship. Check out this interview with the brand’s founder about her vision of sustainability. 

    Check out Mochi magazine, Harper's Bazaar, and Ecocult for more sustainable Asian clothing brands!

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