Screenshot from the Movie; main leads Jia Ling and Zhang XiaoFei

Every woman was once a girl. Every mother was once a child. Yet how many of us have seen them in their adolescence?

From the moment of our birth, the woman in the delivery room became a mother. And this identity came to us in lieu of her identity as daughter, wife, or friend.

And that’s all we really know her as. She is there with the sizzling of the saucepan, the smell of tomatoes or detergent, and her arms against our skin.

We grow up knowing there’s a harbor called home. It is a place we can run back to when adulthood gets too rough to bear.

But somehow, as time goes on, Mom gets older. And we never get to know who she was before she became a mother.

Official Movie Poster; main leads (left to right) Shen Teng, Zhang XiaoFei, Jia Ling, Chen He



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Emilie Zhang