When looking at American media, it’s clear that there is a huge lack of Asian representation. This is especially true of queer Asian representation. 

Alice Wu‘s movie “Saving Face” highlights the overlap of cultural and personal identity. Most gay Asian Americans, myself included, have experienced this overlap and can see themselves in the film. 

The main character Wilhelmina faces challenges with her single-parent mother, Ma. Ma tries to find her daughter a man to marry at the community center. Wilhelmina, however, finds interest in a ballet dancer named Vivian. 

As their relationship grows, Wilhelmina still can’t express her true feelings in public. But that isn’t the biggest hurdle that they face in their relationship. 

Wilhelmina’s 48-year-old mother is pregnant and gets kicked out of her home for causing her dad shame. In her new relationship, Wilhelmina struggles to choose between her family and Vivian.



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Abigail Heng