A few weeks ago, the hashtag #谭维维歌词好敢写 (Tánwéiwéi gēcí hǎo gǎn xiě, meaning, “Tan Weiwei’s lyrics are outspoken”) topped the Weibo trends list. This was in response to Chinese female singer Tan Weiwei 谭维维’s latest studio album “3811.”

Western audiences may not be familiar with Tan Weiwei. A graduate of the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Tan is a stellar singer with solid singing techniques. Tan achieved fame as a Mandopop singer in old-school fashion: by attending multiple music competitions. 

“3811” is her eighth studio album. The title actually consists of two numbers, “38” and “11.” Tan, who is 38 years old, recorded this album to commemorate eleven women who  inspired her throughout her life. 

Each song is named for each of the women. These women come from a range of diverse backgrounds, including a single mother, a Tang dynasty poet, a religious figure, an illiterate woman, domestic violence victims and more.

“3811” sets itself apart from the cliche love-song albums saturating the market. It is fresh, bold, and outspoken. 

With Tan’s mellow voice, ethereal lyrics and the heavy use of synthesizer, listening to “3811” is like listening to little people inside your head having intense conversations. It uses eleven different stories to explore what it means to be a woman.


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