Over the last couple of weeks, people on TikTok have been obsessed with Chinese street style. However, why specifically has Chinese street fashion become so popular?

Watching the videos on TikTok, you might notice that none of the styles are particularly new. Nor do the outfits fall into one cohesive category. But regardless, people have been entranced by these slow-motion videos of stylish people walking down the street to Chinese pop songs.

It seems like the Chinese street style doesn’t adhere to one specific type. It takes from Japanese Lolita, punk, and even New York street style. This flexibility is what makes it so attractive to such a broad audience. Additionally, these everyday fashion icons aren’t just taking inspiration from other trends. They make it their own by incorporating pieces that are unique to their culture, such as traditional Chinese clothing. That is not the only thing that makes it special: Chinese street style also mixes pieces from different styles to create a stunning statement outfit.

TikTokers like elly.xia, often sort Chinese street style into various categories. These categories make it apparent how one-of-a-kind Chinese street fashion can be.



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Adriane Kong

Adriane Kong is a student pursuing a B.A in Urban Studies at Columbia University. She hopes to combine art and design to promote the voices of marginalized groups.