Have you attended a Chinese wedding ?  The bride typically wears two to three wedding outfits. There’s the Western white bridal gown, the Chinese red wedding dress, and an evening party gown. Why the color red, you may ask? Many Asian brides wear the color red because it symbolizes good luck and fortune. This too is a Chinese tradition. As for the dress? Imagine a red qipao with beautiful gold or silver silk embroideries of the phoenix, dragon, peony flowers, and more

Due to China’s complicated topography, wedding customs vary  across provinces. Some places are more traditional,  while others are more modern. It all boils down to the wedding that the bride, groom, and their families prefer. The wedding dress design depends on the style of the wedding itself. 

Despite these variations, the wedding dress of Han Chinese brides remains largely consistent in fashion across the nation

So is that all there is to it? Just the qipao? Not reallyLet us journey  to the past, explore the evolution of the Chinese wedding dress, and explore why the traditional is making a comeback

Fashionistas, culture enthusiasts, and history fans, enjoy!



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Brittany Chiu