Last week, a friend asked for my opinion on a dress she wanted to buy online. After looking at what she chose, I told her: “Wow, it’s totally your style! You are going to look so 知性 (“zhī xìnɡ” Intellectual and Beautiful) in this dress.” Of course, 知性 refers to more than just her style of clothing. It refers to her lifestyle, her preferences, and even to her personality. In China today, “知性” is just one of many new internet lingos used to describe a particular kind of Chinese girl. Take this quiz to find out what kind of Chinese girl you are! 

  1. 1 You have just woken up. As you begin brushing your teeth, you lock eyes with yourself in the mirror. What would you say to your reflection?

    1. “You got this! Keep on fighting!”
    2. “Woah you look hot, don’t you? Go knock them dead.”
    3. Hmmm…I don’t talk to myself in the mirror. I’m not “that” kind of person.
    4. I’m not fully awake yet. No words come to mind. I yawn and keep brushing.
  2. 2 Today is your day off and you have a lunch date with your friends. As you get ready, you reach for your go-to lipstick. Which color would it be?

    1. Look 1
    2. Look 2
    3. Look 3
    4. Look 4
    5. Look 5
    6. Look 6
  3. 3 And of course, what is your go-to style?

    1. Look 1
    2. Look 2
    3. Look 3
    4. Look 4
    5. Look 5
    6. Look 6
  4. 4 At lunch, you discuss the trip you’ve been planning together. First things first: the location. Where would you like to go?

    1. Paris
    2. Iceland
    3. Mount Fuji
    4. New Zealand
    5. New York
    6. Somewhere with seats and wifi please!
  5. 5 On your way back home, you stop to pick up some flowers. What kind of flowers would you get?

    1. Roses
    2. Sunflowers
    3. Wildflowers
    4. Daisies
    5. A Succulent Plant
    6. Orchids
  6. 6 All this walking around has made you thirsty. Luckily, your favorite drink shop is right around the corner. What drink are you going to order today?

    1. Matcha
    2. Black Coffee
    3. Tea
    4. Milk Tea
    5. Soft Drinks
  7. 7 After a long night, you finally make it to bed. You fall asleep with something still clutched in your hands. What is it?

    1. Your phone
    2. Your work or studies
    3. Your pet or stuffed animal
    4. A book
    5. Nothing

Which Kind of Chinese Girl Are You?

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  1. Quiz result

    文艺女孩 (wén yì nǚ hái) The “Indie-Artsy Girl”

    You have a free and romantic spirit that is on the wild side too. You fall in love with many different forms of art--whether it’s movies, books, or paintings--and you’re quite opinionated about them. Maybe you like to write, whether it’s poems or short stories. You’re creative, expressive, deep, and maybe even a bit lost in a world that doesn’t always seem to understand you. But you believe in the power of staying true to yourself. Perhaps you like films by Wong Kar Wai or Lou Ye, and enjoy indie folk music as well. You're free as a bird. Keep it that way. 

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  2. Quiz result

    知性女孩 (zhī xìnɡ nǚ hái) The “Intellectual Beauty”

    You hold yourself with grace and elegance, yet you are free and romantic too. You know when to rein yourself in and when to let yourself run wild, and people look up to you for it.  You are strong and independent, with the perfect dose of sophistication. You love to read and study. You're constantly bettering yourself. You’re understanding, caring, and deep. People like talking with you, not just because you’re smart, but because you possess a certain kind of beautiful wisdom.

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  3. Quiz result

    日系元气女孩 (rì xì yuán qì nǚ hái) The “Oxygen-Girl”

    You possess undefeatable optimism. You are a living, breathing, bouncing ball of energy and motivation. Everyone around you feels your warmth on them like rays of sunshine. You love to smile and laugh, yet you keep your struggles and your worries to yourself. You always come up with fast and creative ways to make yourself feel better when you are feeling down. This way, you can always be there for your friends, and even for strangers, like fresh oxygen to the lungs.

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  4. Quiz result

    御姐 (yù jiě) The “Cool and Mature Girl”

    You are hardcore, and maybe a bit dark. You’re mature with a strong personality and strong opinions. You are cool, collected and thoughtful. You see the complicated world for what it is and understand how to live with it. Yet you also understand how to stay true to yourself. You are tough and independent. You know how to handle things. You don’t bend for others and you don’t ever let yourself be bullied. The phrase “御姐” originates from Japanese fiction and means “big sister.” Anyone would be lucky to have a big sister like you because you know how to take care of and protect the people close to you.

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  5. Quiz result

    盐系女孩 (yán xì nǚ hái) The “Saltwater-like Girl”

    The metaphor to describe you is a glass of refreshing water with a sprinkle of sea salt. You like things to be simple yet tasteful. You have a way of doing things without complicating them, and you never feel the need to look or act overly-sophisticated. Yet people admire your lifestyle. It’s clean, balanced, neutral, and minimalistic, but never bland. Sea salt leaves gentle but steady waves in your life.

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  6. Quiz result

    佛系女孩 (fó xì nǚ hái) The “Buddhist-like Girl”

    You have an extremely calm, chill, and Buddhist-like outlook on life. You like doing things according to your own pace. You don’t let anyone rush you, and you don’t squeeze yourself into big crowds or competition like other people do. If things don’t work out your way, you just let it go. Stress just brushes off your shoulders. You don’t dwell on things you have lost or cannot have. You don’t hold grudges. You don’t become obsessed or attached to things. What is yours will be yours, and so fighting over anything else is pointless. 

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  7. Quiz result

    甜美可爱女孩 (tián měi kě ài nǚ hái) The “Cute and Sweet Girl”

    You’re the type of girl that people say “aww” to when they see you. You’re soft, gentle, delicate, and absolutely adorable. You have a gentle voice and you never raise it. You are patient, attentive, and thoughtful. You always take other people’s feelings into account. And though it seems others may rush to protect you, somehow you always make them feel safe and loved. You dress for comfort and also for hugs.

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