When people think about Hong Kong, most people envision skyscrapers, amazing culture, and delicious foodHowever, nestled just an hour outside of the city center is the small beach town of Sai Kung. It is picturesque-  beautiful hiking trails, incredible seafood, and stunning ocean views. 

The first time I laid my eyes on Sai Kung, I was awestruck. It is a quaint and beautiful town just a quick ride away from the hustle and bustle of Central Hong Kong. 

The first hidden gems found in Sai Kung are its beautiful hikes. There is a hilly yet awesome trek to a secluded beach, usually with very few people there. It feels like you have your own private island in a sense. Depending on your preference, you can extend or shorten the hike, so hikers of all skill levels can enjoy. 

My friends and I decided on an 8 mile out and back hike that took us to Sai Wan, one of the secluded beaches. Although it was very hot and sunny, the journey was worth it in the end. At the end of the hike we turned a bend, and the view that was incredible! White sand under crystal clear water– this was definitely one of the most beautiful beaches I had been to. 

Another amazing thing about Sai Kung is the delicious and fresh food! On the seafront, you can enjoy great seafood such as fresh lobster and fish caught right on the water. 

If you wander down the alleyways, you will find Thai restaurants, noodle shops, and dessert shops. There is a large expat population in Sai Kung, so the food scene is culturally diverse. 

There are several authentic Mexican, Japanese, and Italian restaurants. Below is a popular Hong Kong dessert that we ate in Sai Kung. 

The last thing that is really great to experience is shopping. There are countless small clothing boutiques that any fashionista would love. All the shops have a very beachy vibe and are so cheap compared to Western countries. So, you can buy cute clothes for low prices and wear them directly to the beach!

All in all, Sai Kung is a true hidden treasure of Hong Kong that if often overlooked when visiting this city. However, it has so much to offer. While I have only studied abroad in Hong Kong for only two months, I have been to Sai Kung about five different times. The natural and oceanside atmosphere is truly something special. 



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