Soft Sleeper Train outside of the Tai’an Station circa 2014

Have you ever wanted to go on a trip somewhere but couldn’t go because the airfare was too expensive? Have you ever wanted to try something different? Why not try traveling by train? 

In the U.S., there aren’t many train stations. We have Amtrack, but the closest one to me is about two hours away. Places like New York and Pennsylvania have more, but the rural areas don’t have the same luxury. 

In China, people take trains everywhere. Flying is still an option, but it’s cheaper to take a train most of the time. 

Sure it takes longer to get to your destination, but it’s a more relaxed atmosphere on the train. It’s easier to read a book when you have more space to stretch out than when you’re cramped. 

But what about traveling across the country? Do trains expect you to sit in your seat for hours at a time? 



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Keara Hopkins