This year, China is getting some extra vacation days for their National Holiday. The Chinese government extended its National Holiday from three days to seven days to promote domestic tourism. 

This year, the proper phrase is, “People mountain, people sea.” Cities are busier than before with more people having time to travel. 

I don’t think anyone’s complaining about the extra time off work, except maybe big corporations. Expats living in China have two choices. They can have a staycation, or they can tour the city. 

China has many beautiful cities to see. The more unique the city, the more famous it is around the world. Each place has its own pace, food, and culture surrounding it. 

From the time I entered China to when I went back to the United States, I never stopped traveling. I went to smaller cities on minor holidays and traveled to bigger cities and other countries on longer holidays. 

These five cities were my favorite places I visited. They are beautiful and had interesting places to see. 

I know what you’re thinking. “Tell us the cities already!” Of course! Here are my top five cities to see on October Holiday! 


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Keara Hopkins