Sing! China, a spin-off of Holland’s The Voice, has been an instant hit since its 2012 debut. The show gained more than 120 million TV viewers and 400 million internet users. The creator, Haman Hu, created the show with an element of surprise, talent, drama, and a rawness that other Chinese TV shows didn’t have. 

Many viewers tune in for the contestants' self-expression and passion. Singers are chosen in complete blind auditions. The four judges, celebrities in their own right, listen to the singers and turn their chairs for singers they want in their team.  

During the contest, the coaches train the singers and strengthen their performance and vocal skills. Singers advance in battle matches- performing against other contestants with the same song. This time, the audience chooses the winner.  

The show's audience interaction makes for a fun and entertaining show- full of surprises, ups, and downs. But more importantly, the show gives unknowns a chance to shine. 

The show has also launched aspiring nobodies into instant celebrity status. One such star is Junyi. She is a Chinese Yi minority from Sichuan. After earning her spot as the second runner-up on the first season, she has garnered a bit of international acclaim. She performed with Snoop Dogg for her single "Summer Time." And she has dipped her toe in acting- starring as the disty wife of Nicolas Cage in the film "Outcast". 

Junyi's vibrato voice, unique song choices, and raw emotion gives her the X factor – making audiences fall in love with her

Yet, her voice isn't the only thing turning heads. In a country that praises fair-skinned women, Junyi is a dark-skinned woman.  

"Now, I love my skin color because it makes me special. I guess that is my natural gift, like singing," she says. Click here for a link of Jike Junyi's "Dont be afraid." (She starts singing at 1:00 min)

With so many talented performers in China, other Junyi's will definitely be discovered.  



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Marisa Peters