The 4 Chinese Bands You’ve Gotta Check Out

Craving new fresh and energetic music?


The most eye-catching Chinese music event of Summer 2019 was “Bands’ Summer/The Big Band” The live music competition chose 31 of the most influential bands out of the thousands that auditioned.

The bands competed in a series of musical performances for the coveted title of 'hottest act of the year'.  Although a competition, the show spent time focusing on the strengths of each band. 

After watching the show, I have a much clearer sense about the world of Chinese music. It also introduced me to different musical tastes. 

From me to you, here are my fav bands from the show. 

  1. 1 Wang Fu (旺福)

    Listening to Wang Fu’s music feels like eating Nutella with breadsticks and a bottle of fresh coconut water with my favorite friends in a garden. Like its name suggests, Wang Fu means prosperity and happiness in Chinese. Their music style contains a mix of funk, rock, disco, and more. The goal of the band is simple – to make you happy!

  2. 2 Mr. Turtle (海龟先生)

    I always smell a gentle breeze of the sea when I listen to Mr. Turtle’s songs. The band’s main inspiration is vintage rock, but it also samples various music elements such as Reggae and Ska. The four members put their emotions, life stories, and ideals into their works. Young, passionate, casual, exotic - would you like to join Mr. Turtle’s joyous party on Jamaican beach?


  3. 3 Hedgehog (刺猬乐队)

    Hedgehog is not as lucky as the two bands mentioned above. Its members have gone through many personal difficulties. However, this motivated them to create songs that are more touching and even heartbreaking. The drummer is a single mother with two kids. The lead vocalist had to quit the band to earn a living. 

    Fortunately, “The Big Band” gave them a chance to reunite and ignite their confidence to perform. Hopefully, this alternative rock and indie band will make it. 

  4. 4 Mr. Miss (先生小姐)

    This vocal jazz band reminds me of a delicious breakfast cozied up with bae in the living room.  

    Even the band's origin is romantic: a college girl and a college boy met in a singing competition at Peking University. Their common pursuit of music prompted them to form the band. Beautiful, graceful, sensitive - whether you are fond of jazz music or not, you will find Mr. Miss charming and intriguing.

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Cindy Wu


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