Everyone is excited about the new Mulan movie. Ever since the trailer was released, people have been going crazy for Disney’s latest live-action remake. In the one and a half minute teaser alone, there are dozens of stunningly dynamic shots. 

One scene in the teaser trailer has particularly captured the interest of Weibo (China’s largest social media platform): Mulan’s betrothal makeup. It is easy to understand why. Mulan’s colourful makeup includes bright pink cheeks and a yellow forehead with a small, red design. Although there was some criticism about her makeup being exaggerated or inaccurate, most users responded with excitement. 

Soon after the trailer was released, the hashtag #花木兰仿妆 (#hua1 mu4 lan2 fang3 zhuang1 or #mulanmakeupchallenge) went viral on Weibo. Hundreds of users tried their hand at recreating this iconic look, and the results are fantastic! I have scoured the Internet to bring you some of my favorites.

This artist even imitated Mulan’s clothing and hairstyle!  

One user added their own touch to the look by painting red dimples on her face, which were historically popular in Chinese makeup. 

My personal favourite was this adorable cat!

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