We live in a time where taking selfies is more popular than ever. Thanks to photo-sharing social media apps such as Instagram, it has become much easier to be swept up by the latest beauty and fashion trends.  In China, “beauty” often means having light skin, a V-shaped chin, and big eyes. These beauty standards are reflected in China’s photo-editing apps, the most popular of which is Meitu (美图). This app is used the same way we use filters on Snapchat. You can make your eyes bigger, face smaller, and much more, all in real time!

In honor of National Selfie Day, I decided to download Meitu and see what all the hype was about. Upon downloading and opening the app, I was bombarded by the millions of features that this app has to offer. Did I want to edit my photos? Did I want to take a photo with a filter? If I was editing my picture, did I want to make my skin lighter? Or did I want to make my eyebrows more prominent? It was like I had a (virtual) plastic surgeon at my fingertips!



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