Let’s look into some of the most popular buying trends among Chinese online shoppers.

  1. 1 Cosmetics

    The cosmetics industry is huge in China, and online cosmetics purchases are increasing at an incredible pace. Many Chinese women (and some men) dedicate a lot of time and effort into skincare and beauty. A lot of popular makeup trends start in China and eventually spread across the globe. Chinese cosmetics brands are also becoming more and more popular outside of the country. Many Chinese online stores are available in both Chinese and English so that they can promote themselves in English speaking countries.

  2. 2 Fancy Bags

    A whopping 40% of Chinese consumers have dedicated their online shopping time to bags. This could be because bags are becoming a new expression of fashion; they are considered luxurious and must-have fashion statement product.

  3. 3 Home Decor

    Another popular category for online purchases in China is in the home and decoration department. With augmented reality technology, Chinese consumers can visualize how decorations and furniture will look like in their rooms simply by scanning the room with their smart devices. This probably helped promote home decor products among online shoppers.

  4. 4 Fancy Shoes

    Fashionable shoes have become increasingly popular in China over the last few years, and many consumers are buying shoes online This might seem shocking, as one would assume that shoes need to be tried on before purchasing. Perhaps consumers went all out once they found the online shoe size that suits them!

  5. 5 Jewelry

    The jewelry market is another game-changer in the Chinese online shopping scene. China is one of the largest consumers of jewelry in the world. Wearing gold has always been a very popular trend in China, probably because wearing gold jewelry is a way to show off your wealth at festivals, weddings, public events etc. This trend is not likely to go away anytime soon.

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  1. So Haley…what about internet information products?How do they do in China. Like ” how to” stuff or DIY information. I want to sell a course or manual to parents on how to teach their own kid how to swim. Something with PDFs or videos so parents can be their own swim instructors. Do you think something like this would go over well ?

Hailey Doyle

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