Whether it’s making the first move, meeting the parents, or even arguing, the difference between a Chinese and a British boyfriend is real. Let’s figure out why.

  1. 1 Who makes the first move? 

    China: The boyfriend is obliged to make the first move. It might mean sending a text, calling or setting up a date. If he doesn’t do this, it means he isn't that into you or doesn’t take the relationship seriously.

    UK: For the British boyfriend, the chase is also important. However, British boyfriends also expect a lady to make a move. Women who are too cold and/or show minimal interest will be forgotten. Amen.

  2. 2 Who pays for the bill? 

    China: No doubt, this is on the man. Chinese society celebrates the generous boyfriend. Since there are more men than women in China, Chinese women dictate the rules of the game. Sadly, this gender disproportion leaves a lot of decent single men without a chance to find love.  

    UK: “Total equality” is the most appropriate phrase for this case. Because of the British feminism movement, many young women are aware of gender inequality. For some, letting a man pay is offensive. In order to avoid insulting their partner, British men usually propose splitting the bill.

  3. 3 Help?! What to do when meeting her parents?

    China: Traditional Chinese society puts a lot of value on family connections. When meeting her family, the man must prove that he can be a reliable partner that can provide (usually in the form of buying a home). If both partners are Chinese, the woman's parents will expect their potential son-in-law to have stable work and a high salary, along with a house and car. 

    The girl’s parents could even encourage a break up if her partner's social position or income is low. 

    UK: The key to meeting her relatives is honesty. Getting her parents’ approval will depend primarily on personality. British boyfriends will not show off their salaries but will attempt to charm the parents with his humor and politesse. In some cases, he might even offer his help in the kitchen- definitely a big plus.

  4. 4 How to argue? 

    China: Men in China are expected to apologize for the argument-  it doesn’t matter who was at fault. He was raised to take the responsibly and there is no way to avoid it.

    UK: Emotional fighting, screaming, and breaking dishes can definitely happen during an argument. The next day, however, partners tend to talk through their problems. British boyfriends are 100% willing to forget the fight and continue with the relationship. However, the outcomes of each fight can differ greatly depending on the occasion.

  5. 5 When are we getting married?

    China: Marriage can come up in conversation as soon as 6-9 months into the relationship. This is due to the extreme pressure to get married.  Chinese parents want their precious son to reach the stereotypical “happy ending” as soon as possible. They also expect him to have children quickly.

    UK:  Getting married can take a long time. Some British couples prefer not to get married at all, in order to keep their independence. Couples can date for 5-7 years without getting married. And the planning for a baby also takes a lot of effort. So, don’t expect to get married to a Brit after a whirlwind romance.

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