Once a year, on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, a flock of magpies form a bridge across the Milky Way “River”. On the bridge, two lovers can reunite for a single day.

Based on the stars Altair and Vega, the Cowherder and Weaver Girl story started a festival that people across Asia celebrate. This year, artist Fiona Miller worked with Chinosity so that you could celebrate too, no matter where you are.

Fiona Miller paints on canvas

Fiona Miller paints on canvas. Picture Credits: Ashley Roberts Photography 

Fiona Miller is a British watercolour artist and illustrator, currently based in the SF Bay Area. 

Her lively style stems from her curiosity about the world. She loves to explore new places as well as learn about the art, culture and the stories that shaped them.

She is especially fascinated with blue and white porcelain, which has inspired her (with her kids) to start learning Chinese.  Miller took part in this year’s #WhySpeakChinese contest!

Miller collaborates with a variety of organizations, magazines, and local businesses across the US and Europe to create illustrations that tell stories about place and people. She has exhibited her work in galleries across the US. 

For the first part of her art series, we asked Fiona to help us create some wallpapers for mobile devices for Qixi, aka Chinese summer Valentine’s Day. Our mission was to give away free downloads to the Qixi themed wallpaper. The results impressed and delighted us.

The wallpaper watercolors are green for harmony, lilac for patience, and peach for immortality and blooming love. They are meant to spread the magical idea of summer love, lasting bonds, cherishing another person, and emotional reunion. 

The imagery is based on the magpies who help create the bridge for the two lovers to meet, Chinese geometric patterns, and hidden love symbols.

Color changing geometric Magpie lovebird moving pattern gif in green, lilac, and peach for the Chinese summer Valentine's Day known as Qixi.

If you can find the heart shapes in this pattern of birds, then your heart is likely as pure as their love was.

You can freely download the Qixi wallpapers below and even use the video or gif as a lockscreen theme. Be sure to share it with any special friends who you want to celebrate with.

Happy Qixi Festival! 七夕节快乐(Qīxì jié kuàilè)!


Live Video

Peach Wallpaper

Peach Geometric Magpie Lovebird Wallpaper Art Design

Green Wallpaper

Green Geometric Magpie Lovebird Wallpaper Art Design

Lilac Purple Wallpaper

Lilac Purple Geometric Magpie Lovebird Wallpaper Art Design

Other Art

For the rest of the art series releases, we were inspired to also create an animated Instagram face filter. Try it on your phone here.

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