When I think of Chinese art, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic ink wash landscape-  black with fine lines and a semi-impressionistic feel.

Yet, there is much more to Chinese art than ancient paintings. So, this week I decided to explore street art in China.

The Chinese street art scene is thriving. From graffiti, murals, and illustrations, it is becoming a part of the landscape of major cities. If you are interested in street art and find yourself in China, here is a list of places you should visit.

1. Beijing and Qi Xinghua

When it comes to art, there’s no better place to go than in Beijing. Known for its 798 Art District, Beijing is a hub of creativity for traditional and modern artists alike. And Qi Xinghua is THE artist to watch.

Qi Xinghua, who some call “China’s Banksy”, is known for his highly-detailed paintings and optical illusions. His specialty is hyper-realistic artwork- 2D paintings that appear to come alive.

In 2008, he was commissioned to make a piece for the Olympics, and he created a beautiful pool with stone dragons and lotuses. You can see more of his work on his Instagram.

2. Huangjueping Doodle Street (Chongqing)

Huangjueping Doodle street is the longest graffiti wall in the world. It’s 1.25 km long and covers 37 different buildings.

Huangjueping Doodle Street didn’t happen by chance though! The project was organised by the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and took 5 months and over 800 artists to complete. In addition to promoting art and creativity, the Huangjueping Doodle Street project revitalised a declining part of Chongqing.

3. Miss5 (Hangzhou)

This spot is a bit of secret! There aren’t very many articles about it online, so information is hard to come by.

Miss5 is an alley in Hangzhou that has been transformed into a series of murals. The paintings are filled with bright colours and hundreds of flowers, and there are six romantic themes which tie them together.

Source: China Daily

Source: China Daily

Source: China Daily

Source: China Daily



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