While many travel restrictions are still in effect, you can still plan your dream vacation and all the delicious food you want to eat. Take this quiz on what Hong Kong street food you should try when you’re there.

  1. 1 After shopping for a couple of hours, how do you feel?

    2. I could go for a burger about now.
    3. I’m sitting down and watching the bags.
    4. I’m not done yet. I’m shopping until I drop.
    5. My blood sugar is low.
    6. Am I hot or is the A/C broken?
  2. 2 What food sounds the most appealing?

    1. Credit
      Food you can eat while you walk
    2. Credit
      A dessert
    3. Credit
      A comforting soup
    4. Credit
      Something greasy
    5. Credit
      A refreshing (non-alcoholic) beverage
    6. Credit
      Something filling
  3. 3 Any dietary restrictions?

    (Please select the one that is most important to you.)

    1. Eating no or less meat
    2. Lactose intolerant
    3. Vegetarian
    4. Vegan
    5. Gluten-free
    6. None

Which Hong Kong Street Food Should You Try

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  1. Quiz result

    Mixed Cold Noodles 撈冷麵 (lāo lěng miàn) / Soy Sauce Noodles 豉油皇炒面 (chǐ yóu huáng chǎomiàn)

    Think of these mixed noodle stands like a mini Chipotle. You can add ingredients like corn, cucumber, seaweed and different sauces to your order of noodles. 

    They come in a plastic bag and you eat them with long skewers. You can find these stalls on the street or in shopping malls. 

    There are vegan and non-vegan options. If you do not like the options at the cold noodle stand, soy sauce noodles are also a great vegan option.

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  2. Quiz result

    Red Bean Pudding Cake 缽仔糕/砵仔糕 (bō zǐ gāo)

    This popular snack is made with sugar, rice flour and red beans. These slightly sweet cakes are steamed in little bowls and served at room temperature. 

    Vendors use two skewers to turn the cakes out and for customers to hold while they eat them. Depending on the location, some cakes are more chewy, soft or translucent.

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  3. Quiz result

    Imitation Shark Fin Soup 碗仔翅 (wǎn zǐ chì)

    This warm soup is full of shiitake mushrooms, wood ear mushrooms, meat, eggs and glass noodles. People tend to add vinegar and sesame oil to the soup. 

    You can eat it at a stall or a store. (I recommend going to a store because there’s usually a fan inside.) There are also vegetarian versions of this soup.

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  4. Quiz result

    Fried Large Intestines 炸大肠 (zhà dàcháng)

    These spiraled skewers of pig intestines probably aren’t the healthiest thing to eat daily because it’s high in cholesterol. Most delicious things are. 

    The outside of the intestine is crunchy because it is fried, but the inside is chewy and juicy. People squeeze seafood sauce, mustard and/or plum sauce onto these skewers.

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  5. Quiz result

    Sugarcane Juice 蔗汁 (Zhè zhī) / Herbal Teas 凉茶 (liángchá)

    A lot of street foods are “heaty foods,” which in excess are not great for the body. It’s also hot and humid during the summer. 

    Sugarcane juice is great because it cools you in two ways, as a cooling food and to cool you physically. Also, if you like hot drinks in the summer but want to cool your heat energy, check out an herbal tea store.

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  6. Quiz result

    Steamed Rice Rolls 腸粉 (cháng fěn)

    These rice rolls with two sauces (甜酱 tián jiàng, sweet sauce and peanut butter) are a cheap and filling breakfast. If you are vegan, ask the vendors if the sauces use animal fat. 

    Rice rolls also have different fillings like fried dough sticks (油条 yóutiáo) or shrimp.

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