Have you ever thought about moving abroad, for studying, working or living? In a world overwhelmed by the pandemic, global mobility has become a remote fantasy. 

But many people still dream of exploring various countries beyond their own.

China has increasingly become a preferred destination for students from all over the world. In 2018, almost 492,000 international students studied in China. This makes China the third most popular host country.

Asians represent a big portion of the international student population in China. According to official statistics, in 2018, 60 percent of the international students in China were Asian. 

Korea, Thailand, Pakistan, and India are the four countries with the largest number of international students in China. 

However Asian students are largely underrepresented in the public sphere. Foreign influencers who enjoy the most media exposure on Chinese social media are predominantly from Western countries.

International influencers in “China Connect”, an industry event to share their experiences

What are the experiences of Asian diaspora students in China? Why do they come to China in the first place? 

How different are their expectations from reality? What are their post-graduate plans? Let’s hear what some Asian bloggers who’ve studied in China have to say.



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Kenan Gu

Kenan Gu is a student majoring in Political Science at NYU. Born and raised in Mainland China, He hopes to enhance mutual understanding and cooperative relationships between China and the West with his expertise.