Since the drastic rise in anti-Asian hate, many of us have found ourselves with new reckonings of what it means to be Asian American. We may especially look to reconnect with our heritage.

When I find myself lost in my intersection of identities, I often look to writers. A few months ago, I took an Asian American Fiction class at my college in an effort to delve deeper into the making of Asian America. 

Enveloped by novels, poems, and short stories that tackled immigrant upbringings—I felt incredibly seen. 

Chinatowns, cultural mythmaking, racial stereotypes, the Model Minority Myth, queerness, migration, language, adoption, mixed heritages, diaspora! All in all, I found that fraught sense of belonging so uniquely ours.  

The following list of books is not the same I encountered in my Asian American Fiction class. Rather, these are compulsively readable books and approachable authors whose words continue to help me unpack who I am.



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Angelina Li