Shenzhen is considered the Silicon Valley of China. There are many digital technology firms based in the city that are expanding and selling their products overseas. Here are three famous firms where digital artists, programmers and filmmakers can get some of their tools from.

  1. 3 DJI

    DJI is most recognizable for its brand of drones, namely the Mavic and Phantom Series. Its aerial robots account for over 70% of the world’s sales of drones. It sells to civilians, corporations, militaries and governments alike.

    DJI was founded in Shenzhen in 2006 and makes nearly $3 billion USD a year. Even though it now has great success, it started with humble origins. 

    In the beginning, future CEO Frank Wang was selling flight components out of his college dorm room. With investments and support from friends and family, he then created the most successful drone company in history.

    One of DJI’s other products is the Osmo Action, GoPro’s biggest competitor for action camera and gimbal sets.

    DJI is also known for its international robotics combat tournament.

    The Robomaster competition started between DJI employees then became a college competition. By the time the competition became public, DJI had introduced a commercial robot called the Robomaster S1.

    The Robomaster S1 comes with launch and laser features. It also has learning and practice modes to teach beginners how to code robots. This makes it popular with preteens and up.

    Nowadays, if you go to a store to buy a drone most of the options you see will be DJI models.

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  2. 2 Z Cam

    Z Cam is headquartered in one of the most affluent parts of Shenzhen, Nanshan. Founded in 2013, it is known for its cinema and VR cameras.

    Z Cam V1 Pro: 360 VR

    Its VR cameras come in two forms. The 360 cameras have views around the head of the camera so that it can take shots of a whole environment from every angle. The two-cam stereoscopic cameras are positioned like eyes to create a more solid 3D image.

    Most of the cameras also offer live streaming capabilities.

    Z Cam’s cinema cameras have been used in films, commercials, broadcasts, short films and music videos. They shoot up to 6K in image quality

    Most models have interchangeable lens mounts and an app that lets you preview the video live on your phone. Z Cam has also released plugins that improve color and updates to integrate into video processing software (NLEs) easier.

    Watch this camera company. It will probably become a leader in VR videographer tools for beginners and pros alike.

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  3. 1 Huion

    Huion manufactures graphics tablets, interactive tablet pens, light pads, graphics chips and more. It was founded in 2011.

    Huion was one of the first to introduce wireless pen tablets into the market. It’s main competitor is the graphics company Wacom.

    Artists mostly know Huion for its high level of pen sensitivity range for each stroke. Some models have larger drawing surfaces. Some even include a real-time drawing monitor on the tablet screen perfect for full time designers. 

    Huion also has some smaller tablets with good quality that are more budget friendly for beginners.

    Some users report weak usb ports and driver compatibility issues with Huion models. Other users have already created their own quick fixes for these issues. 

    Huion is working to resolve these compatibility issues when paired with third party devices. For now, they offer a support tab and technical support chat on their website.

    Aspiring young artists should look into Huion’s Twitter and website because Huion hosts a variety of seasonal art competitions and sponsors tablet giveaways. Many young artists compete in these.

    Here are some examples of art created with the Huion tablet.

    The Blue Fairy (2016) by Sara Tepes.
    Sara is a 19 year old professional art student located in Virginia, USA. See more of her work here.

    Dragonball Z Saiyan Style (2020) by Miles Dauley. Miles is an 11-year-old from Georgia, USA who specializes in anime style character design.

    CC: Make A Wish (2018) by Giovanna Loia. Giovanna is a graphic designer from Italy who specializes in Japanese styled art. She created the comic Lovelight. See her work here.

    He Xiangu (2018) by Angie Alape Perez. Angie is an illustrator from Bogota, Colombia. This art was created for Huion's 2018 HuionMyth Drawing Challenge. See more of her work here.

    Nice Day For A Flight 2 (2018) by Nadanbayev Aituar. This art was created for Huion's 2018 Scif-i Drawing Challenge.

    Have you heard of these tech firms? Which are you more excited for? Comment Below!

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