In this time of COVID, many small businesses are left behind. Consumers often take these businesses for granted, because there is always the mall or another business right around the corner. Here are some Chinese women entrepreneurs that refuse to be left behind. These influencers have moved their mini beauty empires to the digital realm.

 Maggie Fu is a Shanghai-based makeup artist and beauty influencer. Instead of calling it quits, she moved her nail product business to a take-home format. Fu created a stick-on DIY manicure kit that delivers salon-level nails at home. In an interview with the South China Morning Post, she said, “If there is something really bad happening, I think we actually need to be positive and start thinking about how we can handle the situation.”  

Fellow make-up artist, Yue Xiaolin, also took her business online.Yue is the founder of Lin Makeup. She has started teaching online classes to students. Classes include every-day beauty tutorials and professional level courses for trained makeup stylists. Yue stated, “The crisis will pass, but we must remain calm. As a business owner, not only are we in charge of a company, our words and deeds also reflect the spirit of the industry itself, so we should set a positive example.” 

Vivian Sze and Tiffany Wong, co-founders of Common Rare, have also moved online. Common Rare is a creative market based in Shanghai. Sze and Wong are using WeChat groups to set up vendors with potential customers. They nearly maxed out the app limitation on group chats with over 500 people in a group. This has replaced the in-person exhibitions that were meant to be in January.

The duo set up an online pop-up shop that served as their digital exhibition. Over the course of a three hour live stream, they introduced each brand to shoppers and hosted Q&A sessions.  
While Common Rare hopes to make this a temporary solution, Fu has long-term plans for her take home nail kits. The kits are efficient for customers and Fu is proud of their versatility. They are also reusable, making them eco friendly.

Not every business is able to thrive during this difficult time. Yet these beauty companies are tackling the challenges head on and adapting to a new world.



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Emma Federer

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