International students in the US will have to leave the country or face deportation if they take a full online course load or their schools switch to online-only instruction, according to the new rules announced by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Nearly 370,000 Chinese students and more than 1 million foreign students are pursuing degrees in the US. Many will be severely impacted by the ICE #StudentBan. The Trump administration defended the ban, claiming that international students “have no basis to be here” if their classes are all online. However, this reasoning makes no sense – it’s like telling tourists have no basis to travel if they can see the picture of their destination online.

In reality, international students should have every basis to stay put and the right to choose online courses during a global pandemic. For example, for many Chinese students, returning home is not even an option. Let’s break down the ICE #StudentBan in 3 parts to show why it is not only cruel, but also harmful for American workers and students.



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Coco Xu