Bill Bensley is an internationally acclaimed architect making eco-tourism trendier in high-class resorts. He plans to let zoo animals walk freely in 85% of the WorldWild resort, while humans stay in the remaining 15%. 

The “human zoo” is in development in Guangdong Province, China. There are already designs for the Hilton, Waldorf-Astoria, and Dzong hotels to set up their individual “cages” in the zoo.

Termite mound “human zoo”  design for WorldWild’s African Savannah.

The idea of a human zoo is shocking to many, but the design group Bensley, led by Bill Bensley, has a different idea. Bensley’s idea is to make the animals happier by allowing them to live in lush natural environments. Enough with poaching, permanently destroying natural habitats and caging animals. Let them roam freely and let the humans watch them in their natural habits. Abused zoo animals and endangered species from all over the world can find a beautiful home in the subtropical climate of Southern China. The animals will claim 85% of the land while humans will get the remaining 15%.



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Sadezia Ulcena
Black, American, Caribbean, Country, and City Girl. I'm a global citizen and I want to bridge an understanding of Chinese culture with my own.