An Asian American influencer just posted a series of “all lives matter” Instagram stories, as anger and frustration at George Floyd’s murder erupted across the US and globally. Her take? She was upset about what she calls #BlackLivesMatter “selfish focus" – even in the wake of an almost nine minute video of Floyd’s brutal suffocation; the unprovoked home invasion and killing of Breonna Taylor; and the ruthless lynching of Ahmaud Arbery. And the list goes on.

As an Asian, you may have felt unfairly targeted by coronavirus racism and Trump’s xenophobic “China virus” comments. Fair enough that there is racism all over the world. 

But this moment is a straw that broke the back of generations of systemic, institutionalized  lethal racist violence against – very specifically – the Black community. As one Twitter user so eloquently put it:

"How many Asians cant get it through their head that bat soup jokes are NOT on the same level as a man's life???? And I'm Asian tf"



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Chloe Luo