The coronavirus pandemic is unlike anything Chinese companies  have experienced. As demand for nonessential consumer goods   plummeted, businesses struggled to stay afloat. 

But amid the current economic woes, a  handful of technology companies are thriving. The millions of people sheltering in place  sparked unprecedented surge in online gaming, remote office, e-commerce and e-learning platforms

Its no surprise that the coronavirus is accelerating the long-term growth of China’s online businesses During the SARS epidemic, online retailers like Alibaba and rapidly expanded their consumer bases. Today, they are the largest online retailers in China. 

COVID-19 has devastated whole communities in China and across the world. Yet, not all is despair. The disruption has been a catalyst for the tech world, particularly some of China’s biggest namesThese companies have also provided valuable technological support in China’s battle with the virus.



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Trey Sprouse