Disney’s greatest invention to date is the “Short Circuit: Experimental  Films” series featured on Disney+You know those awe-inspiring,  smile-educing, heart-warming short films that are  neatly packaged at the beginning of a Disney movie

Some of my favorites include “Lava”  before “Moana,” “Bao” before  “Incredibles 2,” and “Night and Day” before “Toy Story 3.” 

Short Circuit films are independent  shorts that take risks in visual style and story.  Similar to its sister series, “Spark Shorts” from Pixar,  it showcases new talent from within the industry

The first fourteen shorts premiered on Disney+ on January 24. My favorite part about the “Short Circuit” series is the amount of diversity included within the cast of  short films. Here is a list of the best shorts by Asian directors in the  series and what makes them so good.



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Emma Federer

Emma Federer is a wacky screenwriter that uses her voice to celebrate of all things Asian: from C-pop to female stand-ups to the heart-warming experiences of queer Asian Americans.