Two Chinese student filmmakers were honored at the 46th Student Academy Awards on Thursday, October 17. Yifan Sun’s “FAMILY²” (pronounced “family squared”) garnered the gold prize for Documentary (International Film School). Hao Zheng’s “The Chef” earned silver in the Narrative (Domestic Film Schools) category. 

Sun is originally from Hohhot in Inner Mongolia, a northern province in China. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree from the Beijing Film Academy, she moved to Poland, where she currently studies at the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz. The move was inspired by her love of the movies of  Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski, best known for directing the “Three Colors” trilogy. 

Sun’s documentary “FAMILY²” follows Lola, a Chinese girl who was adopted by a Belgian couple when she was a baby. “FAMILY²” accompanies Lola on her journey to discover her identity and find out more about her birth family, culminating in the meeting of both her families last year. 



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Erin Dumke

Erin Dumke is the head editor at Chinosity. She is a journalist who recently graduated from the University of Kentucky. She hopes to bridge the education gap and promote international communication.