Struggling to remember Chinese Characters? You’re not alone. They are tricky little things with complex strokes and most look exactly the same?! How on earth do I remember thousands of them?

I’ll teach you my top three ways to memorize Chinese Characters. Want to know a secret? It’s pretty straight forward. Increase your exposure to Chinese Characters as quickly as possible. 

The general rule of thumb is that you must be exposed to a character between 7 to 23 times to actually learn it and effectively recall it. This will take place over a few months if you’re not actively exposing yourself to characters. Supercharge your learning by grabbing a comprehensive book, flashcard apps and being diligent with studying.



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Kwadwo [QUĀ]
Kwadwo [QUĀ], creator of Elementary Chinese, helps expats in China learn the day-to-day Chinese they need – to communicate what they want. He lives in Tianjin, China. Follow him on, Instagram or YouTube to learn the kind of Mandarin you can actually use right away in everyday China life.