Even before the band’s debut, their Weibo page had around 1 million followers. The band officially debuted on April 28, 2017, under FCC- Entertainment company as Acrush. Now, they’re called FanxyRed. This group is one of the hottest and most viral boy bands of China, but they’re not your typical “boy band”. 

What Makes Them So Viral?

You might have guessed it already - all five members of FanxyRed are girls. The creator of FanxyRed, Zhou Xiaobai, had begun searching for unisex artists in early 2016 in hopes of creating an androgynous band. Finally, five members were chosen. Here they are:

1) Lu KeRan (陆柯燃)

Stage Name: K

Position: Leader, main dancer, rapper

2)An Junxi (安俊浠) 

Stage Name: Roy

Position: Lead rapper (fun fact: she writes her own rap lyrics!)

3) Peng XiChen (彭兮辰)

Stage Name: Shawn

Position: Main singer 

4)Lin Fan (林凡) 

Stage Name: Marco 

Position: Rapper 

Marco’s nickname is “Little Sun” and is also the youngest in the band. 

5) Peng Yiyang (彭亦阳) 

Stage Name: Joel

Position: Lead singer

Inspired by highly successful pop star Li YuChun, who sparked the boyish style of appearance, this band is following her footsteps.  FanxyRed is advocating for freedom, and to be able to be who they want to be, no matter what society thinks of them. They are taking a huge risk in expressing themselves, as the gender norms in China are very rigid. So far, FanxyRed has been receiving a lot of support! 

Their androgynous style means that their appearance is of indeterminate gender. Although identifying as female, these girls dress like typical heartthrob boy bands.  Before changing their band name, the “A” in Acrush stood for Adonis, the Greek god of male beauty. 

In addition, the members are not referred to with “boy” or “girl”. Instead, they are called “mei shao nian” in Chinese (“handsome youths”). However, female fans still call them “husbands” (老公 lăo gōng).

Since their debut, this group has released two songs while they were still under the name of Acrush. 


Their debut song was released on May 31, 2017 titled “Action”. The song has high energy vibes, purposeful song lyrics, and a unique choreography.

I'm Sorry

“I’m Sorry” is a calmer, slower song expressing a person’s secret love for another. This song displays the members’ amazing vocals!

Aside from FanxyRed’s own songs, the members also do dance covers of various kpop groups and do covers of Chinese songs. 

GOT7 Lullaby -- Lullaby Dance Practice by FanxyRed

EXO - Love Shot -- Love Shot Dance Practice by FanxyRed

Peng Xi Chen - Still in Time cover -- Still in Time Cover

FanxyRed is also active on Twitter, Instagram, and Weibo. Go check them out!




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  1. This is very cool and I liked how youwroteaboutsomething that’s not typically talked about. It’s also very cool how you are being open to all different groups and I’ll be sure to try and listen to them 👍

  2. This made me tear up. A gender neutral band! This makes me feel actually heard. I’m non binary and I am also gender neutral. I will start listening to them ASAP. Finally people are breaking gender barriers in Asian pop. They deserve to have their voice louder. You’re killing it, Fanxy Red!

Elim Chen

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