Even before the band’s debut, their Weibo page had around 1 million followers. The band officially debuted on April 28, 2017, under FCC- Entertainment company as Acrush. Now, they’re called FanxyRed. This group is one of the hottest and most viral boy bands of China, but they’re not your typical “boy band”. 



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  1. This is very cool and I liked how youwroteaboutsomething that’s not typically talked about. It’s also very cool how you are being open to all different groups and I’ll be sure to try and listen to them 👍

  2. This made me tear up. A gender neutral band! This makes me feel actually heard. I’m non binary and I am also gender neutral. I will start listening to them ASAP. Finally people are breaking gender barriers in Asian pop. They deserve to have their voice louder. You’re killing it, Fanxy Red!

Elim Chen