Every year since 1983, China hosts its most-watched event on Chinese New Year – the Spring Festival Gala, or 春晚 (chūn wǎn). As you can only see the gala in person if you are exclusively invited, all families in China (and even overseas) gather together and watch the extraordinary performances on TV. This has become one of the most widely viewed events around the world. According to CGTN news (video), this year’s gala had more than 1 billion viewers. Not surprisingly, watching this event is a valuable tradition for families. 

Every year, the gala hosts several artists, performers, comedy acts and many more acts that all ages can enjoy. This year, there were performances by Jackie Chan, Zhang Yixing (Lay), and top Chinese dancers, comedians, and singers. 

However, the entire Gala lasts 4 hours. So here are our top highlights of the 2019 Gala so you can get right into the best of the night!



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  1. This is a really interesting article, I have never been to a Chinese New Year Gala and it seems to be very fascinating. I am very intrigued by your take on the different acts of the Chinese New Year Gala. I didn’t know synchronized swimming was a part of the Chinese New Year Gala, watching the video I was truly amazed at the talent the synchronized swimmers had. Good Job Elim, it’s a really great article!

  2. I have never been to a Chinese New Year gala, but I am truly intrigued by your article. I watched the synchronized swimming article and I was so impressed by it. Good job Elim, your article really fascinated me!

  3. Omg your post is so cool!!!! It made me know more about my culture while also hyping me up for next year’s performances!!!!

Elim Chen