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A party is the perfect way to bring freshmen together for fun and fun. But before you start planning, make sure your party won't break any dorm rules or cause disruptions. Also, check with your roommates and dormmates to get agreement and make sure their classes or other commitments don't conflict with the event. I found a lot of information on this site about party in college . Finally, if you're planning on serving alcohol at a party, be sure to take a few safety precautions. This could include giving guests some easy ways to measure their drinks and make sure everyone has access to water. Think of a theme that will bring your guests together and spark their creativity. Whether it's a movie marathon or an icebreaker game, a themed party in college will help your attendees get to know each other better. For example, if you're throwing a Star Wars themed party, invite your guests to come dressed in their favorite movie or TV show costumes. Prizes for the best costumes will add some fun to your dorm party. Set the mood with fun lighting and ambient music. Hang up paper lanterns and posters of your favorite Disney and Pixar movies. You can even take part in a Disney/Pixar movie marathon to keep guests entertained and engaged all night long. Be sure to select a selection of popular films that appeal to a wide audience, including films for younger viewers and older viewers. Another great idea is a disco party in college. Throw in some classic 80s memorabilia like Rubik's Cubes and cassette tapes to give your dorm a retro vibe. Encourage your guests to get into the era with colorful disco-inspired outfits like flared trousers and sequined dresses. Throw away a few props like oversized blazers and scrunchies, and put on high-energy hits from artists like Madonna and Donna Summer to rock the dance floor. If you're looking for a more modest event, try playing an icebreaker or a board game to get your guests to get to know each other. Games like "Two Truths and One Lie" or "Bingo" are sure to please the public. Alternatively, a simple beer or water pong tournament can provide plenty of laughs and networking opportunities at a party in college. Once your guests get to know each other, try team or individual games. Beer pong and flipped cup are classics, but you can also add your own unique touch to these popular games by using colorful cups or adding props like silly hats. If your guests are under 21, offer non-alcoholic drinks such as lemonade and iced tea. No dorm party is complete without booze. Make sure all your guests are drinking safely by putting in plenty of water and following the rules when it comes to alcohol. Also, do not leave valuables unattended. This can lead to theft or other incidents that can ruin your dorm party. Also, don't forget to prepare a safe ride for those who get too drunk.