Four months ago, at the urging of my friends and with the new phone I had gotten for my birthday, I downloaded miHoYo’s hit game “Genshin Impact.” 

I remember feeling blown away seeing the login screen for the first time. An endless marble walkway guided my eyes through a vast sea of sky, complete with fluffy clouds and spectacular towers. 

The action role-playing game quickly enraptured my attention. The graphics are wallpaper-worthy and I can headbang to the music for an hour. There are four languages of impressive voice casts that add so much flavor to an already solid cast of characters. 

“Genshin Impact” has me hooked and waiting for every new update with eager anticipation. This Chinese-made game made $2 billion in its first year from the mobile version alone

The loading screen of “Genshin Impact” never fails to make me smile.

During my playthrough, I noticed that “Genshin Impact” contained many references to and personifications of Chinese legends and mythology. As someone who has always been interested in Chinese history, this made me appreciate the game even more.

Here are some nods to Chinese culture hidden in “Genshin Impact”!



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Chris Jiang

Chris is a student attending the College of William & Mary studying public policy and public health. He hopes to share the joys of Chinese culture with the rest of the world.