I started working out this May for the first time in my life. 

My parents and friends were all surprised since I’ve never been a sporty person. In fact, sports were always my weakness in middle and high school. I was considered overweight for most of my teenage years and it inevitably impacted my sports performance. 

Even after I lost 66 pounds in high school, the deep insecurities over the imperfections of my body made me frustrated and unable to enjoy intimate relationships. Though a surprise to others, becoming a fit person is a long-term goal for me.

I’ve been taking personalized training classes for almost two months. Now I understand the anxieties and struggles among the new generation of urban residents about their bodies. 

Many of them are trapped in intensive work, unhealthy lifestyles and enormous mental pressure. They want to take control of their bodies and life by working out.


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Kenan Gu

Kenan Gu is a student majoring in Political Science at NYU. Born and raised in Mainland China, He hopes to enhance mutual understanding and cooperative relationships between China and the West with his expertise.