In some countries, authentic Chinese food can be hard to find. A lot of the Chinese food you can find in America actually isn’t eaten in China at all. 

Did you know Mongolian beef and orange chicken were invented in America? They might be delicious, but they don’t even scrape the surface of what China’s food culture has to offer.

But even if you’re lucky enough to have a Chinese restaurant near you, going out to eat isn’t always the best option. At first glance, dishes like Char Siu bao and Peking duck seem too complicated to make yourself. 

Because of this, many people never try cooking authentic Chinese food at home.

The Youtube channel ‘高小姐的Magic Ingredients’, or ‘Gao Xiaojie’s Magic Ingredients’ is working hard to change that. Gao Xiaojie’s channel is full of videos that simplify Chinese recipes so that anyone can make them. Her videos are not only informative, but also are beautiful and relaxing.

This style of video has become popular thanks to a recent trend on Youtube. Creators mix lifestyle vlogs with ASMR-style content, including quiet music, and pleasing visuals. 

This leaves the viewer feeling calm and satisfied by the video they’ve watched. ASMR is especially popular for showing off food and recipes.

Gao Xiaojie has recipes for traditional Chinese cuisine, such as ‘zongzi’ (粽子) or boiled dumplings. They are eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival in China. 

She also has more modern recipes, including street foods, like ‘cong you bing’ (葱油饼), scallion pancakes. These recipes are only the tip of the iceberg; her channel boasts over 235 videos, all with individual recipes. 

No matter what kind of food you like, Gao Xiaojie will have a recipe to suit your taste.

My favorite recipes of hers are her scallion pancake recipes. She has several different versions, all using different folding and cooking techniques. 

Her scallion pancakes are just like the ones I used to eat every day in Shanghai. You can find her basic scallion pancake recipe here, and you should check out the others, too!

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then check out her recipe for Nutella stuffed donuts. Like seafood? Learn how to make a Chinese-style steamed fish.

 If you’re a vegetarian or want to eat healthy, she has a delicious recipe for steamed or fried eggplant.

What Gao Xiaojie does with her Youtube channel is more than simply show people how to cook. She brings people together from all over the world with her delicious recipes. 

All you have to do is look at the comments on her videos to see the impact she has. Gao Xiaojie shares her culture and love of cooking with the world, one video at a time. 



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