As more vaccines for Covid-19 continue to roll out, many of us will experience side effects. These side effects may involve soreness and acute pain in the chosen arm for the shot. But don’t worry! We will fight the pain together with the help of some Chinese pain relieving medicines.

1. Kwan Loong Oil — 均隆驅風油 (Jūn lóng qū fēng yóu)

Growing up anytime I was hurt, whether a bruise or a stomachache, my mom would pull out her “magic” bottle of oil. It smelled like a mixture of lavender and menthol, and I knew that relief was on the way. 

She would dab the oil on my skin where it hurt and it would always do the trick. As I grew older, I found out that this bottle was Kwan Loong oil. 

As a clutz and bruise connoisseur, this brand is my go-to. I recommend this to everyone around me.

Compared to other oils, Kwan Loong oil feels refreshing. It also promotes pain relief with a comfortable heating and cooling sensation.

Other uses:

Muscle aches and pains

Muscle strains



Insect bites

Nasal congestion

Motion sickness

2. Tiger Balm — 虎標萬金油 (Hǔbiao Wànjīnyóu)

If Kwan Loong Oil isn't by my side then my second choice will be Tiger Balm. I am sure that many of you have heard of this famous brand before, but if not, here's your chance to skip the Tylenol. 

Unlike ibuprofen or aspirin, Tiger Balm doesn’t attack the source of the pain. Instead, it distracts the brain with warm and cold sensations. 

The classic pain-relieving ointment can be traced to a Chinese herbalist who sold it in the 1870s.

Tiger Balm's two active ingredients are camphor, which smells like a Christmas candle, and menthol. The combination of these wintry ingredients helps soothe the muscles with a coolish warm tingly feeling. 

It has also been helpful for many household uses like insect repellant, termite control, and adhesive. It is a wax remover, deodorizer, antiseptic for wounds, wart remover, and fungus remover.

Other uses:

Aches and strains

Tension headaches

Cold and congestion

Back pain

Neck and shoulder tension

Joint pain

3.White Flower Oil — 白花由(Báihuā yóu)

Another household brand that I find to be effective and enjoyable is White Flower Oil. This oil offers relief from headaches and travel sickness. 

Its scent is like the "old lady" scent of menthol, eucalyptus, peppermint and wintergreen. But hey, who doesn't like old ladies?

This cooling oil is beneficial for areas of inflammation or hot areas.

Other Uses:

Acute pain and soreness

Treatment of a headaches

Stress relief (aromatherapy)

Reduction in inflammation

Better respiratory health

Treatment of insect bites

Treatment of motion sickness

4. Eagle Brand Medicated Oil

Coming in fourth, Eagle Brand Medicated Oil is another must-have. This oil can be easily identified by its unique green color. 

Another unique feature is its smell. Other medicated oils have strong medicated scents. But this oil smells like rose oil, a very pleasant and light smell.

Other Uses:

muscle pain,

joint pain,



bruises and sprains.

These various Chinese pain-relieving medicines will be beneficial for any pain thrown your way, especially for post-vaccination symptoms. 

Not only will you be protected against Covid, you will also have lovely grandma scents to enjoy!

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