“Wasian'” is shorthand for mixed Asian and Caucasian individuals. Mixed Asian and Causian people have been following the recent “Wasian Check” trend on TikTok. 

These users make videos to portray the mixed appearances and lifestyles their ethnically diverse parents passed down.

I love my Wasian ethnicity. I’ve written about my complex relationship with my ethnicity in a previous Chinosity post

After posting a “Wasian Check” TikTok of my family, the comments I received shocked me. 

One’s ethnicity should not automatically subject them to a white audience’s creepy thoughts. Yet, that is what I have found in the comments of many videos from the “Wasian Check” trend on TikTok. 

I want to ask these commenters: Why do you love Wasians? Does this infatuation stem from unconscious fetishization of an entire continent?



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  1. …but you do know the stereotype of Asians simping for white people, yes? You know how annoyingly common that shit is?

Hannah Keenan

Hannah Keenan is a student at the University of Southern California studying International Relations and Mandarin. Hannah’s interests are human rights and culture.