Chinese restaurants are irreplaceable fixtures of Chinatowns and Chinese communities across the world. When my family first immigrated to Canada, these restaurants welcomed us with the taste of home and helped us find footholds in a foreign country.

Grace Young snapped a picture of Chinatown while New York City was under lockdown. She told TODAY that she had never seen Chinatown “without pedestrians (or) bumper-to-bumper car traffic.” However, these immigrant-owned, mom-and-pop restaurants are suffering under COVID-19. Many are shunned because of anti-Asian sentiments. In addition, these restaurants are often ill-equipped to advertise to an online audience, pivot to a delivery-only model, or apply for financial resources.

In response, Award-winning cookbook author and cooking teacher Grace Young launched #SaveChineseRestaurants. In partnership with the James Beard Foundation, the social media campaign draws attention to the culture, delicious food, and family stories we risk losing if we don’t save Chinese restaurants.

To participate, all you need to do is order Chinese food, take a picture of your dish, and share on social media with the hashtag #SaveChineseRestaurants! Here at Chinosity, Chinese restaurants are an indispensable part of our life.

And if you’re reading this, Chinese food is likely a part of your life—so here are three ways you can help #SaveChineseRestaurants while celebrating Chinese New Year:



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Angelina Li