The HSK is the official Mandarin language proficiency test of China, and it is necessary to take if you want to study at a Chinese university. But even if you don’t, the HSK is a good test to prove your Mandarin is legit.

This article will walk you through my five-step study plan to pass your next HSK. This is not a cram method, so if you have more than six weeks before your exam wonderful. Keep reading. 

If not, read on and bookmark for later.



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Kwadwo [QUĀ]
Kwadwo [QUĀ], creator of Elementary Chinese, helps expats in China learn the day-to-day Chinese they need – to communicate what they want. He lives in Tianjin, China. Follow him on, Instagram or YouTube to learn the kind of Mandarin you can actually use right away in everyday China life.